Starting a Business – The Ultimate Guide

Follow The Business Bible’s step-by-step guide to starting a business. Start today and become your own boss; turn your passion into a successful business and lead the life you’ve always wanted.

The Reason

Define the reasons for starting a business. With each reason comes more motivation; let’s get you fired up and ready to be your own boss.

Why Start A Business
Starting a Business - The Reasons

The Idea

Starting a Business - The Idea

The idea defines your whole business. Decide whether your idea is worthy of taking forward.

The Business Idea

The Name

Starting a Business - The Name

Decide on the perfect name for your business; one that is rememberable, original and encapsulates what you stand for.

The Business Name

The Market

Starting a Business - Market Analysis

Your business needs a sustainable flow of customers to grow. Undertake market analysis to define your target market.

Market Analysis

The Competition

Starting a Business - The Competition

Research your competitors in your area of business and determine how you will win over potential customers.

Competitor Analysis

The Business Plan

Starting a Business - The Business Plan

Your business plan is your own bible; one that you can build upon and refer to as you progress.

The Business Plan

The Goal

Starting a Business - The Goal

Determine where you want to see you and your business and you’ll begin to naturally take steps to reaching your end goals.

The Goal

The Entreprenuer

Your business revolves around you; the entrepreneur. Improving your own knowledge and boosting your skill set will help you when starting a business.

The Entrepreneur

The Website

Your website allows potential customers to discover you and your business online. Find out which website option is best for you.

The Website
Starting a Business - The Website

The Domain

Starting a Business - The Domain Name

Your domain name provides customers a direct path to your website, and therefore your goods or services. Research and determine the best domain for your business.

The Domain

The Logo

Starting a Business - The Logo

A clean, rememberable and original logo will help make you stand out from your competitors, and your logo itself can remind potential customers of your business.

The Logo

The Brand

Starting a Business - The Brand

Create a brand around your business to gain an army of dedicated and loyal customers who are willing to buy your goods or services on demand.

The Brand

The Social Media Profiles

Starting a Business - Social Media

Vastly improve your customer reach by setting up your social media profiles and targeting your market. 

The Social Media

The Company

Starting a Business - The Company

Set your hard work in stone by forming your very own company and show the world what you can achieve. 

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The Intellectual Property

Starting a Business - The Intellectual Property

Understand what you need to do to make sure that your business idea does not get copied and used by a competitor.

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