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(Last Updated On: September 6, 2017)

More likely than not you’ll have at least one social media profile to your name, whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest. In fact, think how many people in the world have social media profiles. It’s billions.

Now think how many people your business could reach if it was on these social media platforms.

It’s a lot.

Social media accounts are the best way to get the word out about your business and the service or products that you’re offering. You can create posts to remind your follows about your what you offer and to let them know about any new products or services.

They are also the best way to engage and join in discussions with your customers, which is vital for promoting brand loyalty and showing customers that you care.

What’s more, all of the social media accounts we’ll be discussing are completely free to set up and run. You’ll only have to spend money when you want to start advertising to people on these platforms.

We’ll be discussing the main social media accounts to consider for your business and how they can help your business grow.


The first social media platform that you’ll want to get your business up and running on is Facebook. At the time of writing there’s just under two billion people users of Facebook it every month. That’s nearly two billion potential customers.

If you’re familiar with Facebook then you’ll have probably ‘liked’ a page or two. This is what you’ll need to be setting up; your own Facebook page for your business.

It will allow others to like your page and get updates about your business, see your contact details or opening hours and message you directly, as well as a host of other features. You can even have a big button that takes people to your website when clicked. It’s all there ready and waiting for you to take advantage of.

We explain how you can set up a Facebook page for your business in our in-depth step-by-step guide.

Unfortunately, the hardest part is getting people to like your page in the first place. You can get your friends and family on Facebook to like and share your page. That way you could potentially get a couple of hundred people following your Facebook page in no time.

More people should come to like your page over time as you post. Those who ‘like’, comment and share your posts will appear in their friends Facebook feeds as doing so, and you will start to organically gain new followers to your page.

With most website platforms you can also place a snippet of your Facebook page on numerous areas of your website. Why not give our Facebook page a like to stay updated with all new articles:

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To really attract more people in your target area you’ll need to advertise. There is a cost in doing so but you are able to target people who fit your exact customer profile, everything from age range to gender to approximate location, and even based on what type of interests they have.

To find out more check out our how-to guide on advertising on Facebook.


Twitter is in a sense like Facebook. You have an account that people can follow to get updates, but overall it’s very different. It’s very fast paced, less user-based and a lot more business-based. It’s a great way to make contacts if your service or product is catered towards businesses.

You create your account and set up your username (ours is @businessbibleuk), which you’ll want to be the same as, or similar to, your business name. You can then add your logo, website address, cover photo and description.

What’s next? Join in the conversation!

Unlike Facebook, you can engage directly with potential customers and clients by starting or joining in a discussion with them. Just reply to their posts or tag them in one of you own.

You can search for people and businesses in your target market area and follow them just as someone on Facebook would follow you. You can also see who they’re following and who’s following them to really find each potential customer or business contact.

You can also use Twitter to advertise your business in a similar way to Facebook advertising, but we’ve found it’s not as powerful or refined as Facebook adverting.

For an in-depth guide on how to set up Twitter for your business check out our article right here.


Instagram is the best platform for promoting your product or service through the use of photos. You can create beautiful images with little or effort to really bring your business to life.

Simply download the Instagram App and use use the camera feature to take a picture, or use one you’ve already taken. You can then apply a filter to your photo, therefore making it look it’s been taken by a professional!

Suppose your business is making cakes. You can upload great looking photos of your cake designs and of people enjoying eating your cakes. Each photo tells a story, you’ll find that interaction by your Instagram followers will be much higher than Facebook or Twitter, because people love images.


If your products or service cater more towards women then you’ll definitely want to grab yourself a Pinterest account. Much like Instagram, Pinterest is focused around images where users can add images to their ‘boards’.

Think along the lines of pinning newspaper cuttings up on a board. If a Pinterest user wanted to get ideas for their wedding then they would create a board on their account specifically for images of wedding ideas. If your business was designing wedding cakes, then one of your photos could end up on that board, which could then be shared to many thousands or even millions of people.

Get Going

If you haven’t already get out there and set up your social media accounts! There’s no harm in starting early. Even if you are still in the planning stages of your business, people will be interested in seeing how it progresses.

You’ll want to grab the right account names before someone else does. There is no cost in doing so and it’s a fantastic investment of time for the future of your business.

You can find out whether social media account names associated with your business name are available by using namechkr. Try different combinations until you find one that’s available for each platform. You don’t need to have the same account name for each one, just as long as they all relate to the name of your business.

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Next Steps

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