25 Reasons To Start a Business

(Last Updated On: November 20, 2017)

1. Be Your Own Boss

You can be the boss you’ve always wanted; one that cares and has respect for all employees. Build and lead a group of talented and dedicated individuals into a team that creates a successful business together.

2. Your Own Work Hours

None of this 9-5 nonsense. You can work when you want and how long you want. You can take a break in your own time and work as late or as early as you’d like. No one can tell you otherwise. It’s your business.

3. No More Commuting

Not only can it be a hassle commuting to and from work everyday but it can also be thought of as ‘dead’ or ‘lost’ time; precious time that could be spent progressing your business or investing time into your own personal development.

4. Work Where You Want & How You Want

Sit at home at your desk, lay in bed or on the sofa. You can work where, when and how you want. If it’s a nice sunny day outside then you can go work in the sun. It’s your business; its your rules.

5. Enjoy Working

It’s not actually work if you enjoy doing it. Sunday Blues can be a thing of the past because you can’t wait to get up and work on your business.

6. Your Doing What You Want To Do

Your employment can be seen as doing what someone else tells you to in return for a salary. Your own business is centred around what you want to do.

7. Variation In Work

There are so many different areas of business that you are constantly switching between them. It never gets boring!

8. Make Someone Proud

You have the opportunity to show your friends and family what you’re capable of and what you can achieve.

9. The Rewards

The potential rewards for starting your own business can be far greater than the rewards for service to someone else’s company.

10. The Achievement

Being the boss of your own company is an achievement in itself, but the potential for greatness is vast.

11. Recognition

Not only can you feel accomplished about your business, your work and effort can be recognised by many others, whether it be the number of social media followers or even being awarded an MBE for your services to your industry. It’s all possible.

12. Get The Things You’ve Always Wanted

Those things you’ve always wanted are entirely within reach when owning your own business. Want that car? You’re much more likely to be able to afford it if your financial situation isn’t dictated by someone else.

13. Job Security

You’re never really safe in your job; your employment position could disappear and you find yourself made redundant. As long as your business is thriving, then so are you.

14. Pay Off Your Debt

People can spend years living from paycheck to paycheck. Running a business on the side can help you reduce your outstanding debt.

15. The Knowledge To Help Others

If you ever have a mentor as part of your business or personal development then you could be that mentor and help many succeed in the way others have helped you.

16. Making A Difference

Your business will be helping people, otherwise they wouldn’t buy from you. Somehow, somewhere you will be making a difference to a number of people’s lives.

17. You Create The Jobs

Rather than you looking for a good job, you can be creating the dream jobs for others.

18. Expand Your Skill Set

Each skill you pick up translates into you becoming a better businessman or businesswoman.

19. Once You Know How To…

…You can do it all over again. Starting each business becomes quicker and easier each time.

20. Take The Challenge

It isn’t common place to see people starting their own businesses because it’s a lot of work. Although a challenge, it’s definitely worth it all in the end, and you can be proud that you’ve had a go.

21. Help The Community Out

Give back to your local community with a business that helps those around you.

22. The Ability to Help Others Out Across The World

There no limit to how many people your business could be helping. The world is your oyster.

23. Be An Inspiration

If you have people that inspire you, you too can one day be that person provides inspiration to many others.

24. It’s Not Out Of Your Reach

Anything is possible. You just need the right mentality, mindset, motivation and confidence to achieve it. The hardest step is the first one; actually starting your own business, but with each step you go from ‘i can’t do it’ to ‘maybe I can do it’ to ‘YES I can do it’.

25. There’s No Excuse

We all make excuses to do the things we don’t want to do, but because this is something that you do want to do, there’s no excuse for not doing it. Now do it!


If you’re new to business then read our guide to starting your own business. We take you through every step and provide you with helpful hints, tips and how-to guides, or you can find out more about our dedicated business startup packages.


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