How to Point Your Domain Name to Your Website Hosting

(Last Updated On: May 27, 2017)

If your website is hosted by a different provider to your domain provider then you will need to manually point your domain name to your website.

By default, when you buy a domain name, the settings are set up for working with website hosting using the same provider as the domain name. These settings are called Nameservers and determine which hosting your domain is pointing to.

For example, if you have followed our guide on how to get a domain name with 123-Reg, you will be able to see your Nameserver information for your domain in your Control Panel.

Click on your domain name and then head down the list and click on Change Nameservers (DNS).

Point Domain To Hosting

This page is where you can view your current Nameserver settings. On 123-Reg, the default settings are their own Nameserver information, which will look something like the below:

Point Domain To Hosting

You can change the current Nameserver settings to suit those of your hosting provider. If you have bought your domain name with any other provider then the concept of changing your Nameserver settings still applies.


Changing Nameservers

Your Nameserver settings will be different for every website hosting provider.

For example, if you have followed our guide to setting up a WordPress site with, you will need to change your Nameserver settings to:


Which, on your Nameserver page, would look like:

Furthermore, if you have followed our guide to setting up a WordPress website on a budget with Vidahost, you will need to change your settings to:


Which would look like:

Point Domain To Hosting

Make sure to hit the Update button to confirm your changes.

If you are hosting your website with a different provider then you will just need to do a bit of research on their website to find their Nameserver settings, or get in contact with them.


Wait For The Changes To Take Place

Unfortunately you will need to wait a while after updating any Nameserver information. It takes time for the updates to apply, so you usually won’t see a change straight away. This is because it takes time for the change on the domain to ‘propagate’, or ‘filter’, across the internet.

Most domain and hosting providers will ask you to wait up to 48 hours for the change to take place, but in our experience you usually only have to wait a couple of hours.

You will know that your changes have successfully taken place when typing in your domain name takes you to your website.

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