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You are the entrepreneur. The brains and driving force behind your business. It’s your idea, your property, your investment of time and effort. It’s therefore important to that you take the time off from working on your business to invest time in your own personal progression.

By investing in yourself, we mean reading up, understanding and getting familiar with each aspect of starting and running a business. Learn what you can to help minimise the risk of your business idea not working out.

The good news is that you are here right now reading this article. It’s exactly what you should be doing. If you’re new to business then this and every other article on The Business Bible’s Guide to Starting a Business. You’ll be in a much better position to start your very own business if you do.


The Right Mindset

If you and your business are to succeed you’ll need to develop the right attitude and mentality. There’s a number of things that can really help you when it comes to your dedication to your business:

Believe in Yourself

The most important step to becoming a successful entrepreneur is believing you can do it. Having confidence in yourself provides the one of the main driving forces behind your motivation, and therefore your ability to work hard and keep going even when times get tough.

We don’t believe that there are any good reasons why you can’t be as successful as the many famous entrepreneurs we see today. We bet you however, that they’ve always had the belief that they will be successful.

It’s always amazed us the number of colleagues from our previous employments who believe that no one can have their own successful, especially themselves. Yet they have never even attempted to just have a go. If you are in a similar situation and can refer to this – isn’t it time that you started your own business? Seeing people’s faces when they find out you are leaving because your own business is going so successfully can be enough motivation on its own. Belief is key.

We believe the best course of action to believing in yourself is to take action. The hardest step of any business venture is actually getting started.

As you complete each step of our Guide to Starting A Business you’ll begin to see that you’re making real progress with your business idea. With each step completed, you’ll believe more and more that you, and your business, will be successful.

You Have to Really Want It

Seeing your business idea through to become successful isn’t easy an easy process, otherwise everyone would be doing it! Defining your reasons for starting a business should form a base for your entrepreneurial mindset. Along with believing in yourself, really, really wanting it will help you can your business immensely when seeing through to the end.

The business journey is long, but we believe it’s definitely worth the effort.

Be Supported

Make sure that you surround yourself with people who also believe in you and your business. It’s a lot easier to stay motivated when the people who you are around the most support you every step of the way.

The Little Things

Working long hours on your business can get exhausting. It’s the little things that really help you keep going. We love a filter coffee first thing in the morning. We look forward to waking up to a coffee and working on what we love. We also work incredibly well to music, that is, progressive house music where’s there’s no lyrics. Just non-stop melodic tunes that help us focus for hours on end.

Find the little things in life that really help make a boost to your day, and you’ll find yourself wondering where the time has gone. Beats sitting in an office checking the clock every 2 minutes, right?

Learn, Learn, Learn

It’s important to build up your own knowledge by taking time to read, listen and learn about business. We’re massive fans of utilising any spare time for learning purposes, such as when you are travelling, waiting or walking.

These could be considered as ‘dead time’ where you aren’t being productive. It’s not so easy to progress you business when you’re travelling, waiting or walking, but its the perfect time to learn something new. You could listen to a podcast or audiobook on your phone or bring a book with you to read on the train. There’s so many times throughout your day where you could be learning at the same time as doing something else.

Read The Business Bible

We believe that we’re the best source of information for those of you who are starting a business for the very first time. The Business Bible has been set up to give you a head start, from inception of the idea, to growing and running your business. Our guide to starting a business is aimed at giving you an understanding of what you need to do for each step.

You’ll also find a range of in-depth how to articles on a number of different areas of starting a business, including getting your domain name and setting up your website.

We therefore recommend that you read every article on here. Even if you haven’t reached one of the stages it will give you insight into what you can expect to have to do next, making you think ahead.

The Business Business is here to help you because we want you to succeed as your own boss. Why? Because we understand the struggle of a 9-5 job, doing the same thing year after year. It gave us a desire for something more; giving us motivation to start our own businesses. The potential to achieve everything you ever wanted and to do what you love as a career is made all the more possible by doing your own thing.

Give It A Go

We believe the best way to learn is to give it a go. We didn’t have a clue what we were doing when we started, but it’s because we had a go at starting a business that we discovered so much more than a book or expensive course could ever teach us. Yes, we made mistakes. But we learnt from them.


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Next Steps

It’s time to learn about creating a website for your business idea; why you should be doing it and how. There’s a number of great tools that allow you to create a stunning looking website for little or no cost.

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