How to Set up a Budget Website

(Last Updated On: September 1, 2017)

Setting up a website doesn’t have to be costly. We’ll show how you how you can set up a great looking, functioning site for less than £5 a month.

For this guide we’ll be setting up a website using WordPress, which powers approximately a quarter of all websites on the internet. It’s also what powers The Business Bible. We recommend it because you can build your dream website without needing much technical knowledge.

Our other guide to setting up a WordPress covers hosting with our recommended provider, (who we use). If you have an allowance for £9.99 a month for hosting we’d recommend that you follow our guide to setting up a WordPress site with 34SP. We believe it’s worth the extra investment for the features that you get. If you’re unsure you can read why we think 34SP provide the best UK WordPress hosting.


Getting Your WordPress Website

We’ll be using Vidahost WordPress hosting for this guide. Head over to Vidahost to choose your WordPress package.


We’d recommend going for the Starter Plan for now. You’ll be able to upgrade to one of the other packages at any point if you need.

You’ll also get a domain name free for the first year as part of your hosting package. If you haven’t yet got a domain name or haven’t yet decided on one, we cover which domain name you should be looking for as part of our guide to starting a business.

You’ll also need to decide whether you want privacy for your domain. It prevents other people from seeing your private information when they look up your domain. We think it’s well worth getting for the amount.

Add the domain name you want for the hosting package and head to the Checkout. You’ll need to Sign Up in order to proceed with your purchase. Enter your payment details and click Complete Order to finalise your purchase. You’ll receive an email confirming your purchase.


Viewing Your New Website

Getting a free domain with your hosting package means that your domain should be set up with your hosting within minutes of completing your order. Type your new domain name into your internet browser to see your new WordPress website. If all looks good you’ll be able to build your new site by logging into your Control Panel.


Accessing Your Website

One of the emails that you received from Vidahost after your purchase should contain the login details to your website control panel. Use the URL provided in the email to go to your website log in page and enter your details.


Building Your Website

Read our in-depth guide to building a WordPress website.


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