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(Last Updated On: September 6, 2017)

Building a brand for your business is more important than you might think. It provides your business with an identity. One that your customers come to love and that distinguishes you from your competitors.

A brand stems from the values that you believe in, including your vision for the business. The brand is transferred over to your colleagues and your customers who either share the same values or understand what you are trying to achieve.

The main importance of having a brand identity for you as the business owner is that is promotes customer loyalty. It helps prevent people from trying out your competitors and potentially becoming loyal to them. It also helps increase sales, which at the end of the day is what keeps your business running.

Think of Apple. Their customers buy their over-expensive products year on year. Why? Because they’re loyal to the brand. Apple technology products look and feel great. You just have to look at their website to see that they are selling sleek, modern and sophisticated products. They have established themselves as sellers of high-end products. Apple products are expensive but what they do is no different to what any other laptop, phone or tablet does. Its’ the simple fact that you’re paying for the brand.


Building a Brand

We’ve already discussed how having a logo can help immensely brand recognition, but there are a number of other key areas that you’ll need to take into account when establishing your brand.

Define your identity

This is what you as the entrepreneur believe in, and emulate to people through your business.

Define Your Mission

To explain why your business exists in the first place.

Define Your Vision

To explain what the future holds for your business.

Identify Your Customer

Your target audience doesn’t have to be a mirror image of yourself. By identifying your customer profile you are finding out who understands your brand and can relate to it.

Choose a Colour Scheme

Identifying a colour palette for your business is important because colours have an emotional attachment to them:

  • White: Neutral & Calm
  • Black: Sophistication & Power
  • Blue, Strength & Trust
  • Yellow: Fun & Energetic
  • Brown: Comfort & Stability
  • Orange: Warmth & Optimism
  • Red: Passion & Excitement
  • Purple: Luxury & Imagination
  • Green: Growth & Freshness

Have a think which of these colours would represent your business the best.

Create a Tagline

Your motto is almost as important as your logo as you’ll usually find them together on any marketing material. It’s not easy coming up with a tagline but it should sum your brand up in a few words. Nike have the slogan ‘just do it’, which encourages anyone to have a go. L’Oréal have ‘because your worth it’, informing their customers that their products can help you feel desirable.


Stay True To Your Brand

You should also always enforce your brand in everything that you do, whether it’s marketing, responding to customers or engaging with customers.

When talking to your customers, whether on the phone, in person or social media, you should always do it in the same voice. It could be enthusiastic, helpful or professional. Tailor it to how you would speak to someone face-to-face.


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Next Steps

You have identified how your want to portray your business to your customers through your branding. To make sure that your business is identified across all channels you’ll need to set up social media profiles. We’ll be taking you through the social media accounts you’ll want to be setting up and why:

The Social Media

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